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Acupuncture,safe and painless by Theodora Anyfanti Lic.Ac.

Posted on March 4, 2020 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (688)


Safe and Painless

‘’Is acupuncture sore?’’. This is the most common question people are asking me when they come for a consultation.

The answer is that acupuncture MUST be a painless procedure. When is painful then there is something wrong (most of the times with the practitioner).

The truth is that the patient may feel a small pinch which lasts seconds. After that, they may feel that the needle is there or will not feel it at all.

A small bleeding or bruising can also occur but this is a rare complication.

What is the ‘’needle shock’’?

During or immediately after inserting the needles, the patient starts feeling uncomfortable and/or they may develop symptoms such as dyspnoea, palpitations, even develop a skin rash. In this case they MUST inform the practitioner immediately. After removing all the needles the symptoms disappear. This seems to be a psychogenic response to the treatment and trying another session is not recommended for a short period. It is up to the patient if they want to try again.

Acupuncture DOES NOT have any side effects ,it’s either working or not, so if you want to give it a go it worths the trying. Just make sure you find a fully qualified practitioner.